The Siam@Siam Guide to Beaches in Pattaya

We’ve got 99 problems but a beach ain't one.

Publish Date: 29 June 2020 / Story by: S@S Insider

Pattaya has plenty to offer lovers of sea, sun and sand. Whether it’s a convenient dip in the ocean or a full day out by the sea, we’ve gathered all the information you need when chasing waves—including where to eat and drink afterwards. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Beach from The Roof Sky Bar and Restaurant

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya’s liveliest beach isn’t best known for its pristine waters, but it’s as convenient as they come if you’re after a quick dip. The four-kilometre-long, crescent-shaped beach certainly throws up a spectacular sunset, too, with the iconic Pattaya City sign bathed in picture-perfect pinks and blues. A lot of people come here to take advantage of the sun and sea before Walking Street swings into gear. Beyond sunbathing, there are also parasailing and jet skiing activities on offer—and plenty of nearby places to eat, drink and party.

What to do: Sink some local craft beers at the welcoming Hops Brewhouse, grab a seafood feast at our Big Fish restaurant or nestle in for sunset at the absolute best seat in town at The Roof Sky Bar & Restaurant, home to Pattaya’s highest hotel pool split across two floors.

How to get there: Pattaya Beach is less than 10 minutes’ walk (500 metres) from Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya.

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Jomtien Beach. Credit: Vladimir E / Flickr
Chill at Skoop Cafe
Chill at Skoop Cafe

Jomtien Beach

Quieter than nearby Pattaya Beach, but by no means lifeless, the palm tree-lined Jomtien Beach is a hot spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding or just laying back on the golden sands. At six kilometres in length, this straight stretch of beach takes up a lot of real estate, meaning there’s plenty to eat and explore. The surrounding area itself is a little more “hi-so” thanks to all the shimmering condominiums, but you can still get a decent fill of street food.

What to do: For something fancy, check into Alexa Beach Club, a crisp, white venue replete with sunbeds and cabanas surrounding a pool, intriguing food options and a soundtrack that goes big on breezy Balearic house. Enjoy treats with a good view at Chocolate Factory or colourful ice cream and decadent waffles at the photogenic kiosk, Skoop Cafe, followed by a seafood feast at Preecha Seafood.

How to get there: Jomtien Beach can be reached by taxi in about 15 minutes from Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya. For a cheaper option, hop aboard the local shared songthaews (aka "baht bus") heading south on Beach Road, which should cost no more than 20-30 THB from the centre of town.

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Dongtan Beach Sunset. Credit: Writers Market / Wikimedia

Dong Tan Beach

The northernmost section of Jomtien Beach has long been known as an inclusive hangout for LGBTQ+ travellers (though Dong Tan is definitely family-friendly, too). Here, like other beaches, there are sun loungers for hire and food stalls aplenty. What sets it apart is probably the greater presence of male masseurs on the beach.

What to do: This part of town is home to Pattaya’s most popular gay-friendly bars and spas, most of which are right by the beach or around Jomtien Complex.

How to get there: Dong Tan Beach is 15 minutes from Siam@Siam Design Hotel via taxi. For a cheaper option, hop aboard the local shared songthaews (aka "baht bus") heading south on Beach Road, which should cost no more than 20-30 THB from the centre of town.

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Glasshouse Silver
Surf & Turf

Wong Amat Beach

Squeezed between Pattaya and Naklua beaches, Wong Amat Beach offers a bit of both worlds: peace and quiet away from all the water-based activities, but also a few choice spots to unwind with a cheeky drink or two. Wong Amat is probably the prettiest beach within easy reach of central Pattaya, owing to its clean (if slightly coarse) sand, clearer water, plentiful shade and coconut palms swaying in the breeze. Chairs and umbrellas are available for hire.

What to do: For beachside wining and dining, we recommend The Glasshouse Silver or Surf & Turf, though there are plenty of spots on offer. Heading in-land a little, you can kick back with creative caffeinated beverages at Blue Tang or enjoy a serene escape at the adorable Na Spa.

How to get there: Wong Amat Beach can be reached by taxi from Siam@Siam Design Hotel in under 10 minutes. For a cheaper option, hop aboard the local shared songthaews (aka "baht bus") heading north on Beach Road, which should cost no more than 20-30 THB from the centre of town.

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Naklua Beach. Credit: Kai Lars Scherer
Sanctuary of Truth
Naklua Fish Market
View from Naklua Fish Market

Naklua Beach

Located to the north of Pattaya Beach, relatively quiet Naklua Beach couldn’t feel further removed. The beach here is worked by local fishermen, who bring their catches of the day to the namesake fish market. The nice and rustic surrounds show off another side of the city. Somewhere you could spend the whole day (don’t forget your sunscreen!).

What to do: This residential part of Pattaya is home to landmarks like the iconic Sanctuary of Truth, a massive temple carved out of wood. We definitely recommend going local with a visit to Naklua Fish Market, where you can find a veritable mountain of seafood at prices that won’t drain your wallet. The fun lies in picking out your fresh and live seafood, from prawns, cockles, scallops and squid to all manner of fish and oysters, and then having it cooked at the stations outside.

How to get there: Naklua Beach can be reached by taxi in about 15 minutes from Siam@Siam Design Hotel. For a cheaper option, hop aboard the local shared songthaews (aka "baht bus") heading north on Beach Road, which should cost no more than 20-30 THB from the centre of town.

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Bang Saray. Credit: Richard Barton / Flickr.
Fishing boats in Bang Saray. Credit: Richard Barton / Flickr.

Bang Saray

The southernmost of all the beaches on this list, Bang Saray provides nice respite from the whirlwind of Pattaya City thanks to its quaint fishing village vibes. An isolated spot in which to relax, the beach is also popular among divers, with popular sites including a cargo ship that was sunk during World War II.

What to do: Bang Saray is a world away from Pattaya. Though there’s plenty of seafood to be had, there’s not much to do come sundown. Check out the beachside sculptures of a whale shark (very occasionally spotted by divers here!) and a mermaid, and mark your calendar for Bang Saray Walking Street Market on the second Sunday of every month. Make the trek worth it by visiting the nearby Cartoon Network Amazone, Ramayana Water Park or Love Art Park along the way. The Europe-evoking A La Campagne is another top choice for refuelling.

How to get there: Located about 20 kilometres outside of Pattaya City, Bang Saray Beach is is a regular stop-off for southbound minivans, who'll get you there for THB 100 or less per person. Talk to our artists in the lobby for more tips.

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Koh Larn

If Pattaya’s endless parties prove a little too much (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), we’ve got just the tonic: a day trip to Koh Larn! Imagine azure blue seas, powdery white sands and mountains of fresh seafood, with barely a skyscraper in sight. That’s what awaits at this peaceful island paradise, also known as Coral Island, which sits just 7.5 kilometres west of Pattaya Beach.

What to do: The main attraction has to be the beaches. There are six dotted around the island, with popular consensus being that Samae and Thawaen are the most idyllic. All beaches sit more or less around 10 minutes’ ride from Nabaan Pier via baht bus (THB40) or motorcycle taxi (THB40-80). You can also rent your own bike for the day. When it comes to seafood, you’re also spoiled for choice, while there are a handful of cute cafes in which to cool down with a cake and coffee.

How to get there: Koh Larn is an easy 40-minute ferry from Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier (right next to Walking Street) for just THB30/person. Boats leave Pattaya at regular intervals (from around 7am to 6:30pm), but be aware they can pack out in the middle of the day. You also have the option of catching a speedboat across—expect to pay about THB200/person or more, depending on your haggling skills.

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